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Technology has opened a world of possibilities for today’s families. Services that are developed for business environments are now made available for the home. The backbone of this new connectivity is Fiber-To-The-Home, a reliable, super-capacity conduit for Voice, Data and Video. Crystal Clear partners with leading developers to provide uncompromising quality in comprehensive, community-based Fiber-To-The-Home systems.

Optical Fiber consists of thin, glass threads that transfer massive amounts of data and information on a point-to-point infrastructure. Using light as a driving force, this reliable and secure connectivity provides users less interference and higher speeds than traditional copper wiring. As more communities are moving towards Fiber-To-The-Home, optical fiber is providing value to the future and to your home.



Crystal Clear provides high quality internet service delivering speeds of up to 100 megabits per second!


Crystal Clear’s TV and High Definition TV (HDTV) services offer the broadest selection of channels and features available. With a variety of packages and receivers to choose from, you can define the viewing options that best fit your family’s needs.

Over 310 Channels Available - All Local Channels - Family Packages - Sports Packages - Movie & Specialty Packages - Latino Packages - All National Cable Channels Available


Business - class VoIP phone service is available via dependable, high-capacity Optical Fiber.

Features include:

Long Distance - Call Waiting - Call Forwarding - Messaging - Three-way Calling - Multi-line Systems

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